I eat the catfood...

If only because I look really skinny in this video, I present to you now Think Pound's THE OATMEAL AND THE CAT FOOD!

I think this thing is about due for an update.

A normal person would say that after their week-long excursion in a foreign country, things settled down and life went about its usual pace. I, however, am not this normal person, and life has yet to regain its normality.

The Friday after we got back into the US, I jumped on a 6:30am flight into Fort Myers, Florida to surprise one of my best friends in the whole world for her wedding. I was home for literally 45 hours, 28 or so of those spent in secret. The only people who knew I was coming home at all were Ashton, Anthony, and my mom. It went off pretty well and I literally couldn't imagine not having been there. The three of us (me, Ashley, and Ashton) have been friends since we were 11. Well, since I was 11 and they were 12, since that's the way it's always been. ;)

It's funny, but everytime I'm home and I get to see both of them, it literally feels like nothing has changed.

We've gone from to . These pictures are 8 years apart - which is nuts.

I don't know what I'm babbling about. The point is being home for that short amount of time was actually really nice. Anthony was home the same weekend by crazy coincidence, which really made everything perfect. We even saw Barbara. My only complaint about the trip was that it was only 45 hours. (Oh, and I lost my wallet. That sucked.)

I took the 6:30am flight out of Fort Myers Sunday morning to get back into the city in time for Rose and Zach's engagement party, which was all kinds of fun. So, in summation, the weekend of the 26th was MARRIAGE WEEKEND.

The following weekend was, of course, my beloved 4th of July. My favorite holiday. We drove an 8 hour trip in an impressive 10 hours (hardee har har), pulled into my dad's place at 4:30am July 3rd. And we brought the sun with us. True story. It had been raining for at least 3 weeks prior to our arrival. Once we got there? Bam. Sunshine. All weekend. We work magic, people.

I love Bar Harbor, everyone who knows me knows that I spend most of my time missing it. It's beautiful and small and everyone knows me and I don't actually hate all of these people who know me, I like that they know me and I look forward to seeing them and I look forward to bumping into people I didn't even know were in town. It's all just GOOD.

Saw my dad, brother, sister in law, uncle, aunt, Noelle, and most importantly? BABIES! My brother has a 1 and a half year old girl named Willa, and my uncle has a 16 month year old name Griffin. They are both just the cutest things in the entire world.

And this is Willa smacking Griffin on the back of the head. They love each other.

The whole weekend was great, and the rain held off on the 4th until just as the fireworks were ending, which was perfect. And even then, it really didn't rain much. Everything was great.

Took my annual visit to the top of Cadillac Mountain, which is, and you'll know this if you know me at all, where I want to get married. Right on top of the mountain. May have even been subconsciously scouting locations while we were up there. Only not subconsciously.

Anyway, we're home now for a pretty substantial amount of time, despite my flirting with the idea of taking a bus to DC to see Jake Epstein in Spring Awakening. But that probably won't happen. Unfortuantely. We'll be in Seattle for a weekend in August for Mike's sister's wedding, but no big travel plans until then.

Other exciting news? I've officially signed with Maude Kaplan Management as of Wednesday. Which is just all kinds of exciting. She's really cool and I felt instantly that it would be a really good match. So hopefully my instincts are right. Had my first audition under her representation yesterday for a one lined part in a new HBO Series, which was pretty cool. So I feel like that part of my life is finally starting to go somewhere. My job at Levan Real Estate is still pretty much the best job I could have possibly found. I pretty much make my own hours and I work with really really great people. Couldn't have asked for much more than that.

Financially, things have been pretty tight for Mike and me, but I'm really not worried. We're just lucky to both have steady jobs, especially with Mike making $65,000 yearly he brings in enough to pay off debts and bills and survive. I do too, at least for the time being.

I love where we live more and more every day. I love the way we set everything up and I love coming home and I love the neighborhood and have recently found a new love for the bus, which will get us crosstown a hell of a lot faster than the subway will. So that's good.

Mike has been gone since 9:30 this morning and my laziness has taken new meaning. I'm not even lazy about big things. I get the big important things done almost instantly. I'm lazy about... moving. Or entertianing myself. I've been telling myself to write this blog since I woke up at 10:30, and am just now getting around to it. I'm lazy about finding something I want to watch on TV, and in turn spent about an hour watching Lifetime because it was on. I'm lazy about deciding what to eat, or getting dressed, or plugging in my computer. All of the arbitrary stuff. I cleaned the kitchen and took the trash out and went over my money status right away. Now I just need to make it about 3 more hours.

I won't keep typing that long, though.

Anyway, I am watching Role Models and I paid $4.99 for it, so I should probably pay attention. Especially seeing as how I spent 20 minutes on the phone with Time Warner tech support trying to get the movies on demand feature to work.



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