Picture of the Week

Taken 4/22 from the Top of the Rock (Rockafeller Center), for me and Mike's anniversary.


Something good

Celebrating 2 years with this goofball. :-)
Life is good.


Picture of the Week

Taken 4/16/09. The door to our new apartment building. :)


Next to Normal

About a month or so before I moved to the city for school, I read an article on BroadwayWorld about a new musical that would be playing at the New York Musical Theatre Festival that September. Seeing that the cast contained Anthony Rapp and Amy Spanger, I immediately e-mailed Kadey, who I'd met at orientation, asking if she'd go with me. She said yes. And that is where this began. 

I moved to New York on September 3rd, 2005. September 24th, 2005 I saw Feeling Electric at NYMF with Kadey, and another girl named Amanda. Time after time I can be quoted as having said the show changed my life. I remember every minute of the show, which at the time ran just under 3 hours. I cried for all but 20 minutes. It was new, exciting, emotional, powerful, and it blew me away. Even then. With no sets and scripts in hand. The cast for NYMF was, along with Amy Spanger as Diana and Anthony Rapp as Dr. Fine/Dr. Madden, Joe Cassidy as Dan, Annaleigh Ashford as Natalaie, and Benjamin Schrader as Gabe. (The character of Henry didn't even exist at this point.) 

I'm still unable to really communicate as to how the show supposedly "changed my life." It was a tremendous performance to see my third week of living in the big bad city. I think it really did a lot to let me know it was where I belonged in a way. I was still finding my way around, still wondering if picking my life up from the people I loved and moving to this giant place was a good idea... and then I sat down in the theater, and was reminded exactly why I did it. Because theater can be that powerful and that real, and can make every hair on your body stand on end. I connected with the show on such a deeply human level, which is why I think it's so incredible. Mental illness aside, it's about a struggling family. It's about growing up. It's about letting go and moving on. Just seeing that theater like this can still be created only made me excited to be a part of it, more than I'd already been. Maybe it didn't change my life in any gigatic way, but it did help to reaffirm everything I was wavering on.

The show is now called Next to Normal. It now stars Alice Ripley, J. Robert Specer, Aaron, Tveit, Jennifer Damiano, Adam Chanler-Berat, and Louis Hobson. It's tighter, the plot flows more, the characters are more developed, the performances are all extraordinary, and the new music is just as good as the old and the cut. (Though, I have to say, I really miss what was once the title song, 'Feeling Electric'. But that just may be because I've listened to the bootleg of the NYMF performance so many times, I can't hear Act One ending any other way.)

Feeling Electric was one of the first things I saw when I started college. Next to Normal is now one of the last things I'll see why still in college. I could be ultra cheesy and say that the growth of the show parallels my own. But I won't, because that really doesn't make much sense if you pay any attention to it. But if I have to define any bookends for my college career, I'm happy that this show provides them. Because it always stayed with me, even in the gap between it's NYMF production in September of 2005 and it's 2ST production last January. I had the bootleg, I had every image of the show etched into my brain from the minute I left the theater. And, can't forget to mention, I'm singing 'I Miss the Mountains' for showcase... and it's so fitting.

I'm ecstatic to see the following the show has gathered since then. And part of me almost feels connected to the show on some other level than just being a fan. Maybe because I've always held it so close to me. I feel like I watched it grow. And I'm really happy with the final product. It's beautiful and heart wrenching, and Alice Ripley is a total revelation. (TONY. Please. Thank you.)

I think that's all the mumbo jumbo I'll type for now. I'm still trying to compose all my thoughts after seeing it this afternoon. It still hits me like a bus. Only with less physical pain... and less.... y'know, death.

And with that eloquent ending, I am finished.


True Life: Apartment Hunting

All things considered, Mike and I can consider ourselves very lucky. We began the great search about 2 weeks ago. We started early. We went into it bright eyed and hopeful. We started running. We were stopped in our tracks... several times. But did we fall? No! Did we falter? No! Did one of us get frustrated and paranoid? Maybe! But we prevailed.

I am writing to you now as a changed woman. I am a woman with a new home! That's right! After only a mere two weeks of searching, we signed a lease today and I pick up the keys tomorrow. Upper East Side, get ready for the Kerrie and Michael STORM. I have no idea what that means.

We'll be living on East 85th between 3rd and Lexington. Which is perfect for multiple reasons:
  • The newly formed dream was to reside on the UES. (Because Brooklyn Heights is for rich people.)
  • It is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER from the subway. We'd both been anticipating at least a 10 minute walk. But no, fate has been kind.
  • It's on the 2nd floor: only one flight of stairs!
  • We'll be paying $1675 a month. So, about $837 for each of us, which is less than what we're paying now. Not A LOT less, but still less, and less is bess . . . t.
  • It will be our first real home together. Just us and the dog.
I'll be sure to take pictures soon. The place is ours immediately... which is nice, but kind of weird because we're still in our current apartment until June 1st. It does give us plenty of time to get moved and figure ourselves out, though, which is nice. I figure we'll move all the stuff we don't need the weekend after next, and everything else the last weekend of May. And then to IKEA! Hurrah!

My day was essentially torn apart to go up to the office to sign the lease... I had to miss class and was an hour and a half late to work... but hey, we have a place to live. It's all worth it in the end.

So with excitement and happiness I sign off to memorize lines so I can be funny at the UCB on Friday!


Picture of the Week

This is a picture of Eddie Izzard, taken 4/8/09 at his Twitter advertised show at the Bleecker Street Theatre.


I must have done something good

At the risk of outing myself as a complete nerd (though, who are we kidding, that's already been done) I think I've found my wedding song. 

Perhaps I had a wicked childhood
Perhaps I had a miserable youth
But somewhere in my wicked, miserable past
There must have been a moment of truth.

For here you are, standing there, loving me
Whether or not you should
So somewhere in my youth or childhood
I must have done something good.

Nothing comes from nothing
Nothing ever could
So somewhere in my youth or childhood
I must have done something good.

For here you are, standing there, loving me
Whether or not you should.

So somewhere in my youth or childhood
I must have done something good.

Nothing comes from nothing
Nothing ever could.

So somewhere in my youth
Or childhood
I must have done something...
Something good.

Yeah... I love The Sound of Music.


I'll wear your sandwich board!

Moving on from promoting myself and my website that is located at www.kerriebond.com, I will now be promoting friends.


"Our mission is to bring you information about beer and bar culture, focusing on New York (duh). We’re never going to take ourselves too seriously, and you shouldn’t either. Beer is one of the greatest pleasures in life. Smooth, tasty, and infinitely complex, it can be sipped or chugged, tasted or toasted, observed or enjoyed. There are games involved with it, organizations promoting it, and best of all, everybody can get in on the action. Brew it. Drink it. Do it. Buy local. Buy corporate. Buy organic. Buy non-organic. Buy Zombie Beer, if re-dead flesh-tasting brew really strikes your fancy. And if you ever have a question about what’s going on, give the Brew Yorker a head’s up and we’ll do what we can to sort you out."

Click the link to check out their temporary home at Wordpress. They just lauched 5 videos today, all very funny and informative. And since this is coming from someone who doesn't drink alcohol, it's fun for the whole family! 

One of BY's creators is a former Think Pound member who we all still love and support despite his abandonment. :-D I kid, of course. 

So check it out!! My live-in boyfriend and website maker person is working on their official website currently, so be on the look-out for that!

And I think it's safe to say that if anyone wants free promotion, I'm clearly the person to come to. Because my audience is obviously vast. I have 5 followers, guys. FIVE.


E-mail my heart

Continuing the trend of self-promotion, today I am here to announce the official announcement of the announcement of my very own website.

Behold: www.kerriebond.com

::oooh... ahhh::

Where, you may ask, did this beautiful piece of web design come from?

Well! As fate would have it, my live-in boyfriend is ALSO a live-in website maker person. (That's the official job title.)

If you like the site a lot, you can do one (or all) of the following things:
  • Pass on the link the people you like.
  • Hire me.
  • Leave an awesome hope inspiring comment in my guest book.
  • Hire Mike to make your very own website! (Comment on here if you're seriously interested and I can give you his info.)
If you don't like the site a lot, you can do one (or all) of the following things:
  • Pass on the link to people you hate.
  • Hire me.
  • Leave a crazy comment in the guest book that I will later delete, but will also be amused by.
  • Hire Mike to make a website the complete opposite of this one! (Comment on here if you're seriously interested and I can give you his info.)
But, really, my point is hire me.

Got the retouched final 2 back! AND HERE IS THE BIG REVEAL!!!!!

And that is literally my only reason for posting. 

::end narcissism::


Picture of the Week

Taken 3/21/09 at Virgin Megastore in Times Square (RIP). This was 9 days before they closed, and they were selling everything in the store - including these mannequins. 


Maybe this time

So I've changed the picture on the sidebar. Why? Because I'm a movie star. Obviously.

But no. It's a "behind the scenes" shot from my recent headshots. I'd love to indulge you myself and post all the shots here, but that'd be ridiculous and unnecessary. And I'll wait until my 2 retouched shots come in. That's reasonable. For all the people reading and needing to know what a shot of my head looks like. 

I've decided that apartment hunting is actually really exciting. At least, right at the start. If this continues for another couple weeks, I'll definitely be singing a different tune. But I feel hopeful about what we're going to see tomorrow... so hopefully it's as amazing as the pictures on Craigslist look. IT'S POSSIBLE.

Oh and money is a problem. But hey... I'm YOUNG! And free! And I don't NEED no MONEY! Who needs to be RESPONSIBLE?! Some good advice I've taken.

That's all.


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