Waiting for a surprise...

Well, it's only been 2 months since my last post. :-\ I haven't been busy, per se... well, I guess maybe I have been. Work has been pretty busy. I'm actually writing to you now from the couch in my fancy hotel room at Boston's Seaport Hotel, because I'm a very important business traveler. Last week it was a fancy Hyatt hotel in Secaucus, NJ. Don't be jealous.

So, that's cool. It's sort of a surreal experience for me to be put up in a nice hotel (maybe the nicest place I've ever stayed), being flown in and out of Boston. It does remind me how much I love to travel. Unfortunately, I'm only here until Wednesday night, pretty much working the whole time. So I won't get to really SEE Boston. I was going to wander tonight, but I've been up since 4am, and that is starting to catch up to me. Maybe in the morning... though it's supposed to rain. Bah. Oh well. I can certainly enjoy this hotel room. Mmmm comfy bed.

Besides work, things are good. Think Pound is doing really well. We were accepted into a festival in Chicago in June, so we're having a big fundraising show to get us there on May 21st. Followed by a run in the Shortened Attention Span festival.

I'm going to be doing a production of Into the Woods in August, which I'm really excited about. It's being put together by a Pace student, with a cast of people I know from Pace. They needed someone to fill a roll, and my stellar friends recommended me. :) It'll be nice to work on a musical again, especially something as fantastic as Into the Woods.

Auditioning when I can, though it's getting frustrating not being able to go to the open calls because of work. But I have to pay rent. So I have to find a balance for now, until I have real money that I can actually hang onto. Someday, I swear. Someday I'll feel like a real adult. Even sitting here in my grown up hotel room thanks to my grown up job, I still can't actually see myself as a real adult. Until I can stop accepting financial help from my dad. I think that's the big thing. Once I can fully support myself I can feel less like a kid. This in between graduation and real life phase is really, really weird. I love it at the same time, but it's bizarre. I sort of feel like I'm in limbo, which I guess is exactly what it is. The space between preparation for the real world and actually joining it.

I cannot stop focusing on the future and what I want to happen. It's easy to feel a little stuck in this phase, though I don't stay in that mind set for long. I know if I did, I'd just regret not enjoying this time later down the road. And now I can look forward to getting married, moving into an apartment bigger than 300 square feet, having kids, having a career, performing, traveling, etc etc etc. I just have to wait.

Okay, back to enjoying this insane hotel room. Crashing, as I have now been awake for 15 hours. Watching Glee... because, well... because.


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