Now I'm a year older.

For all of you on the edge of your seat, my birthday was a smashing success! The trip to Maine, though not without some expected bumps, was one of the best I've had in a while.

It was nice to be there for 3 whole days - the longest I've spent in Bar Harbor in about 5 years. It was even nicer to have Anthony back in town, and to introduce Gary. And to have Mike there again. And to be together. In a happy group of awesomeness. Not to mention seeing all of the family I have in Maine.

My dad put together a big dinner/birthday party the night after my birthday, which was pretty cool. The coolest part, however, was THE CAKE.

Yes, friends. That is a GIANT WHOOPIE PIE. It weighed about a million pounds and was so completely epic. It was my dad's idea, and he had our head baker person at the restaurant make it. What more could I have possibly wanted???????

Present wise, I was nearly moved to tears when presented with a confirmation e-mail from Gary for 2 tickets to the freakin' VENDY AWARDS. THE VENDY AWARDS. (Educate yourself: I'll talk more about that in a second. And Mike, my love, drew me a picture of what was (apparently) the blackberry torch. *CRIES OF JOY* (The torch will be purchased... he didn't just draw me a picture...)

The best part of visiting Maine - BABIES EVERYWHERE. They just keep growing. I love them so.
It was exciting for Anthony to FINALLY meet all of the chillen's. It's been long enough.

Anyway, I really am hoping to get to Maine more often than once or twice a year. Access to free cars has recently entered my life, which will make things much easier.

Going back to the Vendy Awards - hopefully you know what that means now - I recently started a website/blog/awesome experiment: Because I am OBSESSED with food trucks, and as Mike said "why don't you write about it?" Why not indeed. Read and enjoy and tell all the humans you know!

Well, now I am 23 years old... so... that's... not interesting at all.



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