My birthday is tomorrow.

Tomorrow is my 22nd birthday. It's the first year that I haven't planned anything big. Last year was a week in Florida, the year before was a big party, the year before was the zoo... etc etc. And while on one hand it's nice to not have to plan my own birthday, on the other it's weird to not have anything extravagent happening to look forward to. (At least not to my knowledge.)

I've been feeling a little blue about the whole thing. Maybe because for the first time since I turned 16, Anthony isn't going to be with me. Or maybe just that it doesn't seem like a big deal this year. I was told that this is "growing up", but that just made me more sad. Is part of growing up really not being excited for your own birthday? Isn't that half the fun? Shouldn't we be happy about the day we were born and willing to celebrate it to the fullest extent? Shouldn't other people be excited too? I look forward to other people's birthdays just as much as my own. Maybe we're just all too busy. I just know that losing track of these kinds of celebrations will NOT be a part of my growing up. If anything, they should become more meaningful.

I know tomorrow will be special no matter what, it's just different this year. But everything is different now, I guess. I'll be going to lunch with the people I work with, who are all extremely awesome people (how lucky am I?) And then who knows what for the rest of the day. We'll see!


Proudest moment? Possibly.

Yeah, Michael Ian Black answered my Twitter question.

Kerrie09@michaelianblack Will you watch my dog next weekend while I'm out of town?

Sure, if I can also go through your panty drawer.

Just sayin'.

Little does he know, he's entered into a binding agreement. I will prepare Seven for his arrival. And my panties.

Oh yeah, you all should watch Michael and Michael Have Issues on Comedy Central. Wednesday nights at 10:30.



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