I want to be Maggie Gyllenhaal

Even when she looks 20 years older than she really is. Or when she looks 15 years younger than she really is. (How old IS SHE?) Even when she makes movies that no one sees. (Because they're fantastic and under-rated). I want to be Maggie Gyllenhaal.

If Mo'Nique wasn't nominated this year, I'd give her the Oscar. Without even thinking about it. (You did know that I have the power to give out Oscars, didn't you?)

If anyone knows of any way I can become Maggie Gyllenhaal, I would really appreciate you letting me know. It's a hard thing to accomplish. And I'm not so keen on identity theft.


Anyway. Tomorrow is the Oscars. I'm watching a really mediocre "Road to the Gold" special on ABC. So incredibly mediocre that they called The Dark Knight not being nominated last year a "travesty" - as an argument FOR the 10 nomination system, no less. I don't know why I've kept this on my TV.

I don't want to repeat all of the opinions I stated in this entry, especially since I'll be full of many more after the show. But I don't want Avatar to win and I want James Cameron knocked off of his high horse.

I was watching the Independent Spirit Awards last night because I do every year because I think it's a really important area of film making to support. Part of me wants to win an Independent Spirit Award more than an Oscar - the whole thing just feels a lot less political and so much more about actors and film making. It's refreshing and inspiring to watch.

I'd never thought much about film and TV acting until recently. Theatre has consumed my entire life for so long, I hadn't had the chance to think about other areas until I graduated and had my own time to do with what I wanted. I just took a commercial class and found that I don't hate being on camera, and that I'm actually fairly good at it. Theatre is always going to be my number one priority, but it's nice to know that I'm comfortable with the whole shebang, and not just because I would never turn down any acting work - but because I would WANT to.

I'm starting Sheri Sanders' Rock Audition class this coming week and am really, really excited to start singing again - somewhere other than my living room.

Man, ABC is losing credibility rapidly with this Oscars special, btw. Sandy Kenyon (seen in the back of taxis) is grating on my nerves.

Okay. I'm toying with the idea of live blogging during the Oscars - well, I guess not LIVE, but I'll blog as the award show goes on and then post. Though I might be too busy keeping up with my Twitter and Facebook... can I tackle 3 social networking mediums at once?!?!??$!@:!?!?#:?1$:14



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