Analyze This!

So I've recently installed Google Analytics into my blog, just to see if anyone is actually coming to read this thing.

Surprisingly, the answer is yes. Well, I mean, I've had 49 views since I installed in about a week ago... and 16 of those are returning viewers! Score! Right?

The most amusing part is seeing the key words triggering my site to show up in Google. Mostly, people are coming across my modest little blog here while searching for a bootleg of Next to Normal. Which is because of this entry, where I get sappy and discuss at length my love of the show. I also happen to mention that I had a bootleg of Feeling Electric. So that explains why, when searching "bootleg of next to normal" on Google, I come up 5th.

This will probably gather a ton more hits. Maybe I'll just stick the phrase BOOTLEG OF NEXT TO NORMAL at the bottom of all my posts. Of course, the visitor immediately hits their backspace key, and that would be why my average page view is 34 seconds.

I implore you, visitor on a search for a bootleg of Next to Normal, stick around. Read some mundane stories, look at pictures of people you don't know. At least stick around for a full minute and bump up my average page view. Because then at least I'll think I'm creating content worth reading.

Bootleg of next to normal.



    what a cool thing to do. I shall try this thanks :D


    That's so cool. I want to go back to my blog (which I've been meaning to do anyway) just so I can check out my stats.

    Oh, and I made sure to leave the page open for a really long time (like 2 1/2 minutes) before I commented, just to help you out. :)

    On September 11, 2009 at 7:42 PM Anonymous said...

    I visit at least once a day...I'm nosy like that, Mom


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