You asked for it.

So here's the weird thing: every time I posted a revised Christmas list (which is now one entry, instead of multiple, because I really didn't want my last 3242 entries to be the same list), I would have upwards of 25 hits on my blog in a day. Which is 5 times as many as I usually have.

So apparently in order to get people to read this thing, I need to post excessive/illogical/ridiculous/greedy lists of things that people will never give me.

Probably not a good thing.

But, well, in the meantime:

I want...

- A unicorn.
- Someone to knock down our wall into the next apartment and kick the people out so that our apartment can be twice as big. (That would make it 400 sqft. MAYBE 500).
- To own Broadway. Not the street. The idea.
- David Tutera to plan my wedding.
- ...a wedding.
- Jude Law to perform a private showing of Hamlet for me.

But, seriously, more sensibly... I just want world peace.



    How about someone knocks out the ceiling, so that we not only have twice as much space AND it's a two-story apartment, but we won't have to deal with the people above us moving furniture every night.

    Unless they do.

    On December 11, 2009 at 12:16 AM Catherine said...

    Now, I know this is a little more out there than your theory of blogging success...but perhaps its just the readily accesible and convenient link posted in a venue addictively read by hundreds of your acquaintances, which boosts your hits...or not...could be the unicorns...


    Well normally, yes, that would make sense... but I always post a link after a new post... and no one ever cares. UNTIL NOW. DUN DUN DUUUNNN.


    By far my favorite thin on this lsit is "To own Broadway. Not the street. The idea."



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