A good fall.

The first week of fall:
- I saw Patrick Stewart and T.R. Knight in A Life in the Theatre. Twice. For free.
- I got a second job flyering for the above mentioned show.
- I had a fun photoshoot with Ashley Marinaccio. (See it, read the interview here: People Who Want Change).
- I started rehearsals for Co-Op Theatre East's Radio COTE play "Conference".
- I went to the VENDY AWARDS.
- Had my first Co-Op Theatre East ensemble meeting.
- Went to the BC/EFA Flea Market.

Things that are happening soon:
- Seeing Billie Joe Armstrong in American Idiot on Wednesday.
- Starting rehearsals for Co-Op Theatre East's production of Trojan Women.
- Seeing The Colbert Report. Twice.
- Going to Medieval Times.

Yeah, I think this is shaping up to be a pretty awesome fall. I can only hope that more amazing things are in store.

Oh, redesigned the blog. Much more simple.



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