Tales of Inappropriate Dinner Fail

As detailed in my last entry, I was off to make a really awful for me dinner: peanut butter, fluff, and nutella sandwich.

2 slices of bread left. Just enough fluff left. Peanut butter, and what I thought was the only jar of nutella in the apartment...

Did you know that nutella can go bad? Because it can.

We have apparently been harboring a fugitive jar of nutella since before October 2008. Because that was the expiration date I found when I checked after tasting/smelling the curious hazelnut spread. We also have a new, good jar in the other cupboard. If only I'd gone there.

Last of the fluff gone, bread gone, dinner ruined. Stomach queasy. (Not helped by my eating 2 spoonfuls of fluff before throwing away the jar).

Maybe it was the universe telling me that an insane amount of sugar does not a dinner make.

So... what do I do for dinner now?

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