Things I Want.

These are the things I want in a new place when our lease is up in 9 months:

- A bigger apartment. This is non-negotiable. I LOVE our current place, but after 2 years, we’ll need to upgrade. This has been great as a starter. Ideally, at least 500sqft. (This probably sounds like not a lot to most of you, but it’s twice as big as what we have now.)

- A kitchen that isn’t in a hallway.

- I want to either:
a. Pay less in rent. Which is probably not possible since I want a bigger place.
b. Be financially able to pay more. Which could happen if Mike pays off his debts and I... make more money. Even if we could just expand to $1,800, it would open things up so much more. So... I can dream.

- I would LOVE some kind of front door person so that getting packages becomes less of a pain in the ass. But that’s asking a lot.

- I can has elevator?!

- Location has become less specific. It is just important to me that we are in a reasonable distance of the subway, and are in a safe area that is quiet and interesting. Our area right now is really perfect, but if we can’t find a sizeable apartment in our price range (whatever that may be in 9 months), then I am more open to looking elsewhere. Everywhere we visit now, I am sure to really check out the neighborhood. I would live in the following areas:: Upper East Side, Upper West Side, Midtown East (Flatiron, Murray Hill, etc), Downtown, East Village (the less sketchy parts, if I can find them), Lower East Side (also the less sketchy parts), West Village (though I’m not rich, so that’s pretty laughable), BROOKLYN: (yep.) Downtown Brooklyn (near Atlantic Ave, Ft. Greene, NOWHERE NEAR BED-STUY), Park Slope, Williamsburg (I guess), Brooklyn Heights/Cobble Hill (that’s my dream. I’m still not rich). I’m even semi-open to Long Island City, though that’s only if we get really desperate and the place is the most amazing apartment in the whole world.

Things I want for life in general at that point? To know what the hell I’m doing would be a start, but I don’t want to hope for too much. I want to be financially stable as my own person. I want to have paid off some of my credit card. In a perfect world... well, let’s just say, all I want are simple little things.

So I have 9 months to get ready for all of that. A nice start would be an evening job. Can anyone help? I want to secure an evening job and eventually transfer over to it after I’ve built up some savings. That way, I can go to open calls in the mornings, since I am unable to do that now. I applied for a merchandise job for Disney yesterday. The thought of working for Disney is only slightly terrifying. I’m sure I’m one of hundreds who applied, so I’m not really expecting a call. But we’ll see.

Oh, being skinny would be nice too.



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