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Okay, so the Tony Awards are on Sunday and this is my first mention of it. I know you all have been confused and losing sleep over my lack of opinions about this season. Well, the truth is... I don't... really... have any.

This season happened to come at a time where I had just graduated from college and was dirt poor. Therefore, I have seen almost nothing. I've seen ONE of the musicals nominated for Best Musical. I've seen ONE of the plays nominated for Best Play. I've seen none of the revivals. I really don't have any information to back up and predictions or opinions. And it's depressing as all hell. Recently I've been able to see a few things as I become not quite as poor, but still fairly poor, but it's not enough. I have no idea if Catherine Zeta-Jones is good in A Little Night Music. AND THIS CAUSES ME PHYSICAL PAIN.

Anyway, here is what I do think. I'm getting the impression that I didn't miss much this season. I'm sure I missed some things, and I'll be able to catch up on the things I'm missing that are still current, but in general, I don't feel too horrendous. Had this been last season, I would have been heartbroken. Last season was fairly exciting. This season there are 2 plays nominated in the Best Score category. One of them is Enron, an Enron did have musical numbers and some interesting background things. The other is Fences. And I'm sure the music is beautiful and great. But that really does say something about the musicals this season. Memphis almost wins by default. Though, really, if that score isn't any good, who knows what will happen.

As far as the plays go, I do feel like there's a great deal I should have seen and still need to see. I hear nothing but incredible things about Next Fall, and it's been at the top of my "must see next" list for months now. I'll never forgive myself for missing ...the Vibrator Play, as Sarah Ruhl might be my very favorite playwright. I'm glad to have seen Times Stands Still, and will probably see it again, and Brian d'Arcy James was absolutely ROBBED of a nomination.

As far as the acting nominations go, I really have no idea. I'd love to see Sherie Rene Scott upset all of them, but that's a long shot. And she's also the only one I saw, so who knows if I'd really feel that way?

I will say one thing I have a very strong opinion about - Michael Mayer's non-nomination. Say what you will about American Idiot, but he really took that piece and found new and interesting ways to bring it to life. Which I can imagine was no easy task to take on. He deserved to be recognized at the very least, and it's really a shame.

I'm excited to see the performances and presenters and all that. It's just a very bizarre experience for me to go into this whole thing blind. Usually I know what's goin' DOWN. I guess this is what the rest of the world feels like.



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