23 Days.

The time is nearing. This coming Sunday marks the beginning of my birth month. So, as is customary, I present to you my birthday wish list. Expect to see the possible, the impossible, and the completely ridiculous.

Birthday List

- New iPod - At least 80gb.
- Jamba Juice giftcards!!!!! For real. It is my life.
-. Trip to LA to visit the local lesbian!
- World peace.
- I can has Disney World/Universal???
- Money/gift cards for new clothing: H&M, American Eagle, Forever 21, Strawberry, GAP, JCPenny, Old Navy.
- TV Series on DVD: Mad About You, ER, Gilmore Girls (already have season 2), Dexter, The Office.
- Any Nick Hornby book from my list.
- Money. Seriously... just, money. I really need money.

More to come.



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