I'll wear your sandwich board!

Moving on from promoting myself and my website that is located at www.kerriebond.com, I will now be promoting friends.


"Our mission is to bring you information about beer and bar culture, focusing on New York (duh). We’re never going to take ourselves too seriously, and you shouldn’t either. Beer is one of the greatest pleasures in life. Smooth, tasty, and infinitely complex, it can be sipped or chugged, tasted or toasted, observed or enjoyed. There are games involved with it, organizations promoting it, and best of all, everybody can get in on the action. Brew it. Drink it. Do it. Buy local. Buy corporate. Buy organic. Buy non-organic. Buy Zombie Beer, if re-dead flesh-tasting brew really strikes your fancy. And if you ever have a question about what’s going on, give the Brew Yorker a head’s up and we’ll do what we can to sort you out."

Click the link to check out their temporary home at Wordpress. They just lauched 5 videos today, all very funny and informative. And since this is coming from someone who doesn't drink alcohol, it's fun for the whole family! 

One of BY's creators is a former Think Pound member who we all still love and support despite his abandonment. :-D I kid, of course. 

So check it out!! My live-in boyfriend and website maker person is working on their official website currently, so be on the look-out for that!

And I think it's safe to say that if anyone wants free promotion, I'm clearly the person to come to. Because my audience is obviously vast. I have 5 followers, guys. FIVE.



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