True Life: Apartment Hunting

All things considered, Mike and I can consider ourselves very lucky. We began the great search about 2 weeks ago. We started early. We went into it bright eyed and hopeful. We started running. We were stopped in our tracks... several times. But did we fall? No! Did we falter? No! Did one of us get frustrated and paranoid? Maybe! But we prevailed.

I am writing to you now as a changed woman. I am a woman with a new home! That's right! After only a mere two weeks of searching, we signed a lease today and I pick up the keys tomorrow. Upper East Side, get ready for the Kerrie and Michael STORM. I have no idea what that means.

We'll be living on East 85th between 3rd and Lexington. Which is perfect for multiple reasons:
  • The newly formed dream was to reside on the UES. (Because Brooklyn Heights is for rich people.)
  • It is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER from the subway. We'd both been anticipating at least a 10 minute walk. But no, fate has been kind.
  • It's on the 2nd floor: only one flight of stairs!
  • We'll be paying $1675 a month. So, about $837 for each of us, which is less than what we're paying now. Not A LOT less, but still less, and less is bess . . . t.
  • It will be our first real home together. Just us and the dog.
I'll be sure to take pictures soon. The place is ours immediately... which is nice, but kind of weird because we're still in our current apartment until June 1st. It does give us plenty of time to get moved and figure ourselves out, though, which is nice. I figure we'll move all the stuff we don't need the weekend after next, and everything else the last weekend of May. And then to IKEA! Hurrah!

My day was essentially torn apart to go up to the office to sign the lease... I had to miss class and was an hour and a half late to work... but hey, we have a place to live. It's all worth it in the end.

So with excitement and happiness I sign off to memorize lines so I can be funny at the UCB on Friday!



    this is exciting! i wanna come see you so bad.


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