Maybe this time

So I've changed the picture on the sidebar. Why? Because I'm a movie star. Obviously.

But no. It's a "behind the scenes" shot from my recent headshots. I'd love to indulge you myself and post all the shots here, but that'd be ridiculous and unnecessary. And I'll wait until my 2 retouched shots come in. That's reasonable. For all the people reading and needing to know what a shot of my head looks like. 

I've decided that apartment hunting is actually really exciting. At least, right at the start. If this continues for another couple weeks, I'll definitely be singing a different tune. But I feel hopeful about what we're going to see tomorrow... so hopefully it's as amazing as the pictures on Craigslist look. IT'S POSSIBLE.

Oh and money is a problem. But hey... I'm YOUNG! And free! And I don't NEED no MONEY! Who needs to be RESPONSIBLE?! Some good advice I've taken.

That's all.



    i'm just beginning my apartment hunting i hope it's as exciting as you claim! i'm excited as of right now...


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