Let the sunshine in.

As posted on March 3rd:

"My goals for the coming year are as follows:
- Graduate
- Nail my senior showcase
- Find a great place to move
- Sell half of me and Mike's stuff
- Save money (which will hopefully come from graduation presents) to buy stuff for new apartment
- Go to London
- Get a job, between $10 - $12 an hour
- Find a voice teacher and acting classes I can afford after getting on my feet and saving money.
- Audition my ass off
- Be happy"

So, I need to make some new goals for the whole year, because half of these are completed.

- Graduate: Completed as of 2 days ago.

- Nail my senior showcase: Not that I'm ever one to compliment my own performance, but I could not possibly be happier with how it went. Everything involved was perfect, even if I tripped over and almost fell off of the box. ;-)

- Find a great place to move: Done and done. So excited.

- Sell half of me and Mike's stuff: Safe to say that almost half is being donated, a bunch was thrown away, and the rest will hopefully be sold tomorrow. So - almost.

- Save money to buy stuff for the apartment: Did the IKEA thing already, so that was taken care of in advance. In terms of money, I just deposited $3,115 in my account from graduation and getting paid.

- Go to London: Will be completed June 15-22.

- Get a job, between $10-$12 an hour: DONE! Working as an assistant at a real estate company for $12 an hour. Super flexible, part time, totally laid back. I love it.

- Find a voice teacher and acting classes I can afford after getting on my feet and saving money: Obviously not yet... I graduated 3 days ago. ;-) Though Beth wants her graduated students to go back to her every 6 months for a tune-up at a discounted rate. So there's that!

- Audition my ass off: I repeat, I graduated 3 days ago!

- Be happy: Definitely there.

I'm going a little crazy currently trying to get everything organized to make the final move. Having the moving sale tomorrow - need to hang the flyers and put 'FORE SALE' things on stuff being sold and clean the living room and my room and price things and set up a time for Salvation Army to pick up our donation boxes start packing and get paint to paint the walls and fix holes and cabinets and clean the bathroom and figure out what to do with stuff that doesn't sell and pack and pack and clean and pack and barely have time to breathe. Had to have Mike call the carpet cleaning places because I just didn't have enough time... though I have literally been doing everything else to prepare for the move... which can explain why I'm going so nuts. So having him do one thing is really fine. 

Graduation was great and surreal. Saw Hair with my mom and Mike and was totally blown away. It's so fantastic. And I MUST play Sheila someday. (Not to mention that Cassie Levy has the career I want - Sheila, Penny, and Elphaba. Screw her!)

I'm going to go crash until the THINK POUND show tonight! 11pm at The People's Improv Theater! $10! Funny times!

And then I'll start running around again.



    On May 23, 2009 at 8:25 AM Anonymous said...

    I bet you if you get a job in the hospital doing secretary, registration, transport, or Cardiac monitor tech. You'll most likely be paid within your desired pay range. At this point in time thats the only place that'll be hiring.



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