Experiments in Healthy Baking

So here's the thing - I can't go to yoga by myself. I just want to start off saying that and get it out of the way. I just can't. Maybe soon. But in the meantime, to occupy myself...

The worst part of being home twice a week, especially without money to even go see a movie, is sitting around being hungry. I think that's been my major downfall. I've also sort of started becoming fascinated with baking. I enjoy it much more than making dinner type foods. It started with a blueberry oat cake one day when I had fresh blueberries. And then I made cakes and pies. Mike and I had always baked random desserts at odd hours in the past - but that was mostly me picking out a recipe and watching Mike cook it. Now that I've discovered that I can follow directions myself, things are different.

So in an effort to make my snacking more healthy and also satisfy this baked goods need, I'm going to tackle some healthier recipes on my days off. We will all gain from this. Watch out for boxes of cookies for Christmas presents....

So for my first recipe, I wanted to go for a cookie because I figured we had most of the ingredients here already. And I wanted to see different spins on a classic.

Each cookie with this recipe is only 80 calories. As compared to the standard Tollhouse chocolate chip cookie recipe that is 110 calories per cookie. These cookies are also only 4 grams in fat and have 1 gram of fiber. Obviously these aren't health-tastic is excess, but for the occasional craving, they're going to be really helpful.

If anyone has any healthy dessert recipes to pass my way, that'd be awesome. This weekend I'm going to test out a Weight Watchers recipe for peach crumb pie for a work Thanksgiving get together. If it goes well, I'll probably make it for real Thanksgiving and bring it along to PA. :)



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