So for the next few days, this blog is going to be taken over by Think Pound content. What is Think Pound, you ask? Well first off, shame on you. I'm assuming if you're reading this, you're a friend of mine. And if you're a friend of mine, there's no excuse for you not to know that I'm in a sketch comedy group named Think Pound.

If, by some off chance, you're a reader who has found this blog by googling NEXT TO NORMAL BOOTLEG... well, you can learn all about Think Pound at the official website.

Anyway, in T-minus 4 hours, we will be jumping into our rented mini-van and driving 12-13 hours to CHICAGO. The comedy promise land. We're performing in the Chemically Imbalanced Theater's festival SNUBFEST on Saturday night.

So, on the overnight drive where I will not be driving because I don't have a license, I will be abusing my newfound mobile blogging capability. But not as much as I'll be abusing the Twitter for Blackberry app. Do yourself a favor and follow Think Pound on Twitter. You won't be sorry.

Anyway, be on the look out for pictures of people sleeping, pictures of the highway in the dead of night, and the delusional babblings of a girl trapped in a minivan for 13 hours.



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