Brooklyn has been crossed

So, Crossing Brooklyn came and went this weekend. Thanks to those of you who came out to see it. It was a really great experience, over all. The material (that is still changing and growing even as I type) is so grounded and emotional, it was amazing to work on. Everyone who came to see it seemed to like it and had great, constructive things to say. 

I was given so many amazing compliments and words about my performance, it was so humbling. Words like "beautiful, brilliant, and magnetic." Who knew, right? I miss it already.

But now life continues as normal! Whatever that means. I got so over-excited about having my nights free that I pretty much booked every night this week aside from tonight. Whoops. Oh well. My week will be full of shows, Think Pound meetings, and Jason Robert Brown at Birdland. I'm okay with that.

Oh, I graduate in about 7 weeks or so. So... okay. 



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