Day six in London, and I feel like we just got here yesterday... my how time flies.

Today was quite pleasant. We actually managed to get down to breakfast in the morning, though not without sleeping through the 7am alarm. TOMORROW we'll wake up with it. (She says as it slowly turns into midnight...) We then accomplished one of the highest items on my London list... Notting Hill. Just because of the movie? Possibly. But it's also a great spot to hit when visiting here. And I can vouch for it. The Portabello Road Market is GIANT and AMAZING. We didn't even get through the entire thing. Its all antiques and art and clothing and lots of really interesting little knick knacks. I got a great dress for only 5 pounds.

One of the first things we saw after getting off the tube at Notting Hill Gate. Very cool.

And, my attempt to recreate a picture of Hugh Grant from Notting Hill without even remotely remembering what it looked like except that he had his jacked swung over his shoulder and was at the flower stand...


Actual picture:

At least I'm 90% certain it's the same flower booth. So that's something. Anyway.

Had lunch at a cute place called Uncle's...

Spent a good hour or two just walking though part of the market. And then made the venture onto Abbey Road...

Similarity between the London Tube and the NYC Subways: Track work on the weekends. So that made our little trip out to Abbey Road just a *bit* more difficult. We had to take one line to another line to a bus at a bus stop which we could not find so we ended up at another that fortunately had a bus that took us to where we needed to go.

Anyway, we did finally arrive there to see the famous crosswalk and Abbey Road Studios.

The studio:

And then, of course...

Close enough.

Okay, so I've been meaning to take pictures of something and post them since I've been here, and was finally able to snap a couple.

Everywhere you go, and I mean everywhere, there are warnings about pick pockets and theives. It's a little unnerving to see them, but really I've felt pretty safe since we've been here. So either the signs are working, or the pick pockets are just as polite as the rest of the people here and you can't pick them out of a crowd.

There was a sign on the back of a bathroom door yesterday in a restaurant warning about bag theives. Unfortunately, I don't tend to bring my camera along with me to the loo. So I couldn't get a photo of that one.

After that fun jaunt, we successfully made it onto the bus back to our hotel to get ready to see X-MEN THE PLAY. Otherwise known as Waiting for Godot starring Professor X and Magneto. Or Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen. Whatever.

I hate Samuel Becket a lot, especially this play, but you know what- whatever. I'd watch the two of them read the dictionary. They're both completely astonishing on stage. I'd seen Jean-Luc Picard once before, but never Gandalf. It was pretty cool.

OH, and to give proof that they sell ice cream during intermission...

Okay, I really need to go to sleep so we actually wake up in the morning. Hopefully catching a show at the Globe. Yeah!



    On June 29, 2009 at 9:21 AM Anonymous said...

    LOL Mike looks Half-Beatle, Half-Nazi.


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