So... I probably need another blog like a I need a hole in the head, but Rose's just looks so pretty and fun that I couldn't help myself.

I haven't crafted a specific purpose for this one as of yet. I won't be recapping my days or talking about my life so much in here, otherwise I'd have no reason for my Livejournal. I can't post random pictures and audio files like in my Tumblr. (See how I pimped my other blogs seemlessly?) Though the latter sort of died pretty quickly.

I've been trying really hard these last couple of weeks to live creatively - hence my movie binge, a new acting journal I've started (written. No worries. ;-) ) So this may be another place to vent creative energy.

Also any random topic I may be inspired to talk about. So... that's specific.

So I still have no set purpose for this thing, but I'm sure it'll develop.



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