Movie Binge of Oh-Nine

Okay. So here is the official list, Kerrie Approved.
(Crossed out movies have, obviously, been seen. Date listed. Because I'm OCD.)

1.Rachel Getting Married - 1/13
2.Revolutionary Road - 1/15
3.The Reader - 1/16
4.Slumdog Millionaire - 1/16
5.The Wrestler - 1/20
6.The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
8.Last Chance Harvey
10.Vicky Cristina Barcelona - 1/19
11.Changeling - 1/17
12. Gran Torino

When I made the list, they were guesses as to what may be nominated, or things that had been nominated in the Golden Globes. Harvey, Happy-Go-Lucky, and Gran Torino are the movies that didn't make the Academy's cut. (To some backlash - apparently Sally Hawkings, who picked up the GG for her performance in Happy-Go-Lucky, is amazing. People are rather upset she wasn't given a nomination. I will judge in due time! Mwahaha... )

So! There it is! Hoping to knock one off tonight. I'll post it again as things are updated. Maybe start posting my thoughts now. However the mood strikes me. Or... whatever.



    Btw... how was Rachel Getting Married?


    It was *good*. A little dramatic at some points, but overall a pretty good movie. Anne Hathaway is great.


    That's cool.


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