Gettin' things done

So I really did accomplish everything I intended to today. The schedule changed a bit towards the end, but only because I ended up finishing the paper for my online class, which I did not expect at all. But that's one thing off of my plate.

I read White Teeth for a while and still have seemed to make no dent in it. I'm honestly worried about finishing it in time to do the paper before Tuesday. Anyone wanna tell me how it shows in the book that Europeans are using the immigrants to construct their own identity? Kthnxbye.

Similar plan for tomorrow. Mike is going to be part of the day again. I'm going to leave with him in the morning and head up to Union Square to look for a dress for senior showcase. We have an agent coming to watch class on Friday, so I need to find something Bob might like. I also need some solid color shirts for headshots on the 26th.

After that's done, I just need to read read read White Teeth, and throw a little Watchmen in there too, depending on how much time I end up with. Mike isn't sure when he'll be home.

Feels nice to have a productive weekend. Rehearsal for THREE hours tonight with Think Pound, since I won't be at rehearsals at all this week. But that was okay. Just long. Really, really long.

Mike is snoring next to me. It's pretty funny.

Okay, sleep hopefully.



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