Decribe walking down the main street in your hometown.

Google has a streetview tour map for Bar Harbor, and after just virtually walking around the whole town I'm ready to cry. Anyway.

I'm going to start on the street I last lived on in Bar Harbor, and get to Main St. from the

School street. I live in the green apartment on the right. The street is all homes and trees and too many people living in one space. I walk down the street and get to Mt. Desert Street. Make a right. On my right is the Alternative Market, to the left I'm passing Reel Pizza and the Village Green. I've spent many many hours in both places. 

Left onto Main St. The main road through the little town. Passing C.J.'s Big Dipper ice cream, Albert Meadows (where Noelle and I would always say we were too scared to walk the path at night, but did it countless times.) Looking at the vacant space where The Muisc Bar, what was the town's only music store, used to be. Carmen Veranda is on the left - a bar/restaurant now owned by someone who used to bartend for my dad. Cool As A Moose, a big tourist store that I still love, is on the right, followed by TheHemporium where, yes, everything in the store is made out of hemp. Pass Bar Harbor Bank and Trust, where my friend Megan worked, the year round Christmas store, and Jekyl and Hyde. 

At the intersection of Main St. and Cottage St. is Ben and Bills ice cream, where you can get lobster ice cream. And also Sherman's Bookstore. If I were to turn down Cottage St. I'd find The Epi, Village Emporium, Improv Acadia, and the Criterion Movie Theater - a historical landmark in Bar Harbor. One screen, old seats complete with a balcony. Popcorn that tastes like water. 

But I don't turn down Cottage St. I keep going down Main St. Passing more little shops designed for tourists, great restaurants (including Geddy's). Agamont park is on the right with it's fountain and gazebo and cannons. If it's 4th of July, people have already set up chairs and blankets claiming their spots for the fireworks as early as 8am. 

When I get to the end of Main St. and the water is in front of me, that cross street is West St. I turn right. I'm in the parking lot of the pier, a building in front of me. I enter the building, go down the stairs, and I'm in the restaurant I grew up in. The Fish House Grill. 

Bar Harbor is still my favorite place in the whole world. There's really nowhere like it. And that was just the main town. There's Acadia National Park where you can walk or ride the Carriage Trail, stop at Jordan Pond house, go on up to Cadillac Mountain, or climb the Beehive or Bubble Rock. It's amazing. 

Yeah, I need to spend some time there this summer.



    Kerrie! great do need to spend more time here this summer...even better - you should buy a place and rent it out to millions of summer workers! that way you start building equity and will always to be able to call bar harbor "home" haha...thought i would get my two cents in :-)


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