Describe your wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, suit etc, if male.

:-D (Rose, please use this prompt today LOL)

My perfect wedding dress is ever evolving in my mind... but it's all based on being strapless and fitted on top, and all flowy like once it gets to the hips.
So, something very similar to this one right here. (Which may or may not be a dress I found on Etsy that's in my favorites. I mean... what?)
I think that's the basic design I'm almost always leaning towards, though I'm not opposed to a halter either. But I like it flowing out from the hips to... well... hide my hips. lol

Bridesmaids dresses are tough. I'm not sure I necessarily want a theme at my wedding. I'm not sure I'm really a theme type of person, though it's hard to say. My instinct is to let the bridesmaids search for their own dresses, something that reflects their own personalities, and we can narrow things down from there. Since I want to get married on a mountain (seriously. Cadillac Mountain.) I think it'd be best for everything to feel really grounded to each person involved. But I'm sure things will develop from that starting point. I know I really want to collaborate with everyone involved. (Off the top of my head? Bridesmaids are Rose, Mariah, Noelle, Ashley, and Ashton. Anthony is the maid of honor, obviously.)

<---- Or I'll just make them all wear this and like it! (This came up in an actual search for bridesmaid dresses. Holy crap.)

Anyway, I mean, I really haven't thought about it all that much.




    On March 4, 2009 at 8:20 PM Anonymous said...

    YAY MAID OF HONOUR!!!!! I think the best man should be female, for symmetry. You know how I love symmetry (of the weird / asymmetrical variety).

    -The person visiting you IN LESS THAN A WEEK!


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