Write what you know

Why do you write?

This is a interesting question given that I practically gave up writing around my junior year of high school. I used to write all the time. When I was growing up, I wrote countless plays and would act them out by myself. In middle school, my group of friends and I had a tradition - one of us would write a story in a composition book, and as it was being written, we'd pass it along to one another to read and write notes and comments. I still have the two that I wrote, both of them being about all of us.

I think that was the most frustrating thing. I could never seem to write about anything other than real life. At least, once I got into middle school and stopped writing epic plays about the Titanic. I would write stories where the situations didn't happen, but it would be about me and all of my friends, and the things we talked about happening, or the things I secretly wanted to happen. In 7th grade I had a "boyfriend". We "dated" for 5 or 6 months. We never went anywhere together outside of school and school dances. So in one of the stories, I wrote a long scene about our first date and the movies and our first kiss. Things that never happened, never would happen, and he probably didn't even want to happen, since he broke up with me and dated my best friend behind my back for a few months. (7th grade was really dramatic, guys.)

Anyway. I got off topic. Why do I write? Well, okay, why do I blog? I guess it's pretty much the same question, just more specific. I like these prompts, because I can never think about anything to talk about most of the time. I like to put my thoughts somewhere, get them out of me, whether they're silly or really serious. And I like to delude myself into thinking that more than two people care about what I have to say. ;-) 

I've always journaled, ever since I can remember. I have all my journals from high school with me in NYC, and the rest of them are back home. I still keep a written journal, though I don't write in it as much as I used to. Which I do sort of think is a good thing, since I mainly wrote in it when I was really upset about something. I have an acting/creative journal as of recent that I keep pretty up to date with, and I am starting to really love.

I do miss writing other things. Even if they were all based on real life, I guess. There were the few stories I started in high school that weren't based on myself, but were definitely based on traits of people I knew. Though I guess that's natural. I just can't seem to get myself back into it. 

Maybe soon.



    You're reasons for writing are perfect. Also, in many ways, very similar to my reasons for writing.

    And, I also used to write about things that never happened, or I wished had happened, or could have happened better. I was always wittier in my writing, and I always got the guy... also I usually ended up with some sort of magical power or portal to another world or something like that.


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