What relationships have had the greatest impact on your life?

I've been lucky enough to have so many amazing relationships in my life, it's hard to pick and choose. In no particular order whatsoever: Anthony, Mike, Greg, my grandpa, my Uncle Scott, Tim, Steve, Mariah, Rose, Zach, Max, Ashley, Ashton, Malaya, Tana, Erin, Taryn.

Anthony (just texted me, that was weird) is the best friend I've ever had... ever. And it still amazes me that he's stuck around this long. ;-P He was the reason I made it through all the crap that happened my senior year, and I'll be permanently in his debt. But uh... don't tell him that.

Mike, obviously, has changed my life completely in the past almost 2 years. I've said it all a million times, so you know by now. Mike = important. lol

As for family - my grandpa and my uncle are so insanely important to me. Losing my grandpa was the hardest thing I've ever had to go through. And my uncle is just practically my counterpart.

Tim practically defined my whole high school existence. The end.

Mariah, Rose, Zach, Steve - the college gang - I don't know what I'd do without gift exchanges and video game playing and talking about nothing and yoga and classes and all of the above. I could write a novel about them individually, but there probably isn't enough time in the world.

Max was a dog, yes, I know, shut up. But my relationship with him was as important than all of these, and probably more important than a lot of other ones.

Ashley, Ashton, Malaya, Tana, Erin - aka the 'D.U.D.E.S' - and no, I will not be explaining that. This is a group of friends I will never ever lose, no matter how far apart we are or how little we even communicate on a daily basis. They'll still be there to reunite when we're all available, and to give support when one of us is going through something tough.

Taryn is the person I looked up to for half my life, even when I probably shouldn't have. But I miss her everyday.

There are so many other people that I can't even begin to name. But I'm a pretty lucky girl.



    On March 1, 2009 at 10:18 PM Anonymous said...

    Your no particular order is almost entirely backwards-chronological lol. Just sayin'.

    You know.

    Just sayin'.


    Yayyyy. How come you didn't mention Kassy? I would have thought that she would be ranked up there with Mike and Anthony. LMAO.


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