Mike is gone all day doing a movie project for a friend of his... so I'm going to be hella productive today. Seriously. Promises. 

 I have two midterm papers due next week while Anthony is here... so my goal is to finish both of them by Tuesday. This may or may not be possible, it depends. I have to finish reading a book for one of them... so if that happens quickly, I should be okay. We'll see. 

ANYWAY. I have a whole schedule for today:

1:00 - Work on paper
2:00 - Read White Teeth
3:00 - Eat / Memorize lines for Think Pound
3:30 - Read Watchmen
4:30 - Work on paper
5:30 - Read White Teeth
(6:00 - Dishes/Lines - depending on how far I am in White Teeth.)

And then I have Think Pound rehearsal at the apartment at 6:30. So I think this is a good schedule, hoping I can stick to it. I can start paper #1 immediately because I watched the movie for it the other day. Even made up a little outline/jotted down ideas right after watching it. YAY!

Monday starts Crossing Brooklyn rehearsals, which will envelop my life until the end of the month. But I could not be more excited. I've been needing it bad. (Don't take that sentence out of context, okay?)

Okay, well, 10 minutes until 1:00... Mike is supposed to call me on his lunch break, which (according to his schedule) started 20 minutes ago... so we'll see...




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