I'm alive

The lack of daily blogging since Tuesday was due to the fact that Anthony came to visit NY!

(For anyone who doesn't know, Anthony is the best friend.)

Much fun was had - complete with Billy Elliot, MoMA, Build-A-Bear, The Museum of Sex, many specialty food places, our Think Pound show at The PIT, etc etc etc. It definitely went by way too fast... he left this morning, and I feel like he'd just gotten here yesterday. I wish I knew what my summer was looking like so I knew when I'd be home or if I'll be home and when I'll see people again. It's frustrating.

Today has been spent watching the 3rd season of Dexter, since I missed it completely when it was aired. (Thank you, Showtime On Demand!) And also making key lime pie and tacos with Mike. Because, why not? I love Sundays for this reason... nothing to do, nothing we have to do, just being together. Mariah is also out of town, so it's a nice sneak peek into when we'll be living alone in the near future.

Speaking of which, OMG, I want to start looking for a new apartment. We can't start for 2 months or so. We may start mid-April and see if we can find one of the places offering one month of free rent. That would be ideal. That way, we can secure a May 1st move in date and move SLOWLY. Save the big stuff for moving company. It'd alleviate a lot of the stress. 

I'm also memorizing Crossing Brooklyn lines in preperation for rehearsal madness begininng tomorrow. I'm really excited... it's a great show, and I think it can be really great. We spent last week learning the music with Shannon, we just really need to run it with a piano. But I think it's pretty solid.

Luckily this week is Spring Break, so we'll be rehearsing during the day and I'll have my nights free! :) Totes awesome.

Anyway, food, Dexter, and lines resume now.



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