I never knew what love was

Define Love.


Can't I just write about loss again? No? Okay.

This is a difficult question. I'm not totally sure there is a definition of love. It's a whole bunch of feelings wrapped up together to produce sweating and nausea and smiling and different reactions for different people.

I think my favorite attempt at an explanation of love was Mike Birblglia - (this isn't exact) - he said that we all know that we have a secret special skill inside of us, but nobody else can see it. Falling in love is finding that person who can see our secret special skill. "Omg, you have a secret special skill!" "I KNOW! So do you!"

(AHA! Found his Secret Public Journal entry that talks about it - RIGHT HERE. His Secret Public Journal is great. Bookmark it. And go see his show Sleepwalk With Me. It's brilliant. I hope this free advertisement shows up on his google alerts. Anyway.)

For me, knowing I'm in love came with the sudden need to be with Mike all the time. And I knew that was special, because previously... I didn't want to be with anyone all the time. I was a pretty independent person who liked a lot of alone time. I sort of hate it now. I can't imagine spending my free time with anyone else. Even when he drives me nuts. Even when I'm in the worst mood. He's the only person I want to be with.

And I think that love bring a certain kind of freedom. A freedom to be yourself without pressure, a freedom to explore and find new things every day knowing that you have a net of unending support underneath you.

Having someone to talk to.
Having someone who understands everything.
Having someone to inspire you to keep striving, if only because they love you so much.
Someone who makes you feel not afraid.
Love is empowering,

Most of all, it's something that has to be defined by each individual person as their own. Because it is all our own emotion and experience.

Okay, that's all. :)



    Great post. Love can be so many things and something different for everyone.


    When I was in HS, I came up with this definition for love:

    Love is when someone makes you a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, without you having to ask for it.

    I've broadened my definition of love slightly since I fell in love with Zach and grew a bit, but still, I think that might make up the core of my definition. Peanut butter and jelly.


    Dani - thanks!!

    Rose - omg I love that.


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