Time has come today!

Luckily my brand new camera was shipped from Jersey... so it got here pretty quickly. :-D I love it. I've been playing with it a little, posted some random pictures on facebook. I'll post the ones I really like here. The picture quality is so freaking good for the price - it caught all the smudges on my mirror! Look at that!

My day today started out with some Wii Fit and then a nice cold shower... not by choice. :-\ So it was the quickest shower of my life. I was all gross and sweaty, so I had to do it. It wasn't pleasant.

Starting back at the Writing Center today. I was supposed to start yesterday, but went uptown to record a small demo for a new musical. It was me and 5 other Pace students. We just helped lay down the chorus parts, and I got to record a small demo. It was in some guy's apartment, but was a lot of fun. The writers wanted to record a few of the songs to send off to festivals - mainly NYMF - to get their show picked up. It was really cool. I'd never recorded anything before - aside from stuff on my laptop. :)

This weekend is Valentine's Day. No clue what is being planned - I told Mike it's his turn this year, since I did the surprise Eddie Izzard thing last year. I have to be at school from 1-6 for Strawhat prep, which totally blows. But at least it's during the day I guess. I need to finish up Mike's present. Nothing huge this year, but something I think he'll enjoy.

Okay that's all for now. Pictures to come, I promise!



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