Long awaited movie update...

Updated list:

1.Rachel Getting Married - 1/13
2.Revolutionary Road - 1/15
3.The Reader - 1/16
4.Slumdog Millionaire - 1/16
5.The Wrestler - 1/20
6.The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
7.Frost/Nixon - 2/20
8.Last Chance Harvey 1/23
10.Vicky Cristina Barcelona - 1/19
11.Changeling - 1/17
12. Gran Torino

Frost/Nixon was amazing. Frank Langella and Michael Sheen are brilliant. It also made me realize just how little I know about the Nixon presidency. I should probably read up on that. Not much else to do.

The count is 24 hours and 53 minutes until Mike is scheduled to land in NYC. Sleeping last night pretty unsuccessful. Not sure I got much more than 5 hours. Tonight should be easier since I've made the adjustment. That is if I don't watch another movie on a fabulous website that I don't want to give the link to here, but will if asked. :)

That's about all. I miss Mike.



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