So here's the thing. Mike left for Colorado tonight. He'll be back late Saturday night. I'm going absolutely crazy. He hasn't even been gone for a day. It feels weird being in this room without him. This is the first time I've been here alone since he moved in... and we haven't been apart since June or something. This probably sounds super lame. But I miss him, dammit!

Going to do all I can to keep myself occupied until 11:59pm on Saturday night. Class all day tomorrow, then a Think Pound show. Saturday day will be filled with thrift store shennanigans and then Nunsense at night, and then just a short wait until he's back. So I can do that, right?

I think the hardest part is going to be sleeping in this giant bed alone. I didn't realize it was giant until right now. It's giant.

Remember when I used to be completely independent? Jeeze. What the hell happened?



    You're so cutesy. I love it. I always get super lonely and miss Zach if we have to spend a night apart. It's normal. But you have chosen awesomely awesome things to occupy your time before he gets back, so it'll be fine! :D


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