Valentine's Day was really lovely. I was at school from 1-5 for Strawhat Audition prep stuff. Though I wasn't needed that entire time, Mike told me to stay. I got home, he'd scattered rose petals up to our room - where it was totally clean, with roses hanging everywhere. And he did the laundry. (This is important because there mountain of laundry was... mountainous.) And he'd set up a little table in the corner with candles and roses (see picture), and cooked tuna steaks for dinner. (My favorite.) It was really nice and quaint, and a little warm due to the candles, but it didn't matter. We exchanged presents - he really liked the book I put together (What I Love About You - 90 pages of questions about why I love him. All filled out. And pictures and mementos and the cheesy things that we both love.) And his present was taking me to Will Ferrell's show. Which, admittedly, I'd already guessed. But it was great anyway. :-D The show was really funny, and we were first at the stagedoor afterwards, which guaranteed a signature and (I was hoping) a picture. Now, having dedicated almost the entire summer of '05 to watch Anchorman repeatedly, this was a long time in the making. He was really nice, though rushed along by the stagedoor guy. He took a picture, signed my playbill (and someone's dollar bill), and I was a happy girl. :-D

So, Valentine's Day was a success. I still don't love the holiday and I still pretty much think it's crap, but I can't lie - it's nice to have someone to spend it with. So I'm not quite as jaded anymore. Not... quite. :)





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