You have no goals, get out!

What are your goals for the coming year?

(This has been a weirdly rough day, which is why this is coming so late and will probably be short. Anyway, carry on.)

My goals for the coming year are as follows:
- Graduate
- Nail my senior showcase
- Find a great place to move
- Sell half of me and Mike's stuff
- Save money (which will hopefully come from graduation presents) to buy stuff for new apartment
- Go to London
- Get a job, between $10 - $12 an hour
- Find a voice teacher and acting classes I can afford after getting on my feet and saving money.
- Audition my ass off
- Be happy

That's the basic stuff, I'm sure I'll think of more. I'm mostly just psyched as hell to graduate and start my freakin life.

This was kind of lame, I know, but today has been kind of lame.



    I think having goals in mind is great! I like your list; it's part realistic and part ambition. Perfect!


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